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2020 – Inspiring the young to dabble in our sport!

2020 turned out to be a year none of us will ever forget. The “C” word invaded our year and comprised all areas of our daily lives.

Walking quickly became people’s number 1 pastime of choice. But at Beechwood Park we also witnessed a change on the banks of our fishing lakes. It was clear that families had started to think creatively about what they could get up to in lockdown with the kids. What else would keep them busy during these crazy times? You’ve got it - a trip to their local fishing lake started making it to the list! Yes they could maintain a social distance of over 2 metres away from each other, yes fresh air and open space would be in abundance and at the same time they could bask in the glorious UK summer sunshine. When they got here they also appreciated the friendly nods and advice from our more regular fishermen and women! The kids quickly started getting the bug when they made their first catch!

For anyone who’s passionate about fishing, it’s always good to see another younger generation taking up the hobby. It seems that 2020 turned out to be the year that fishing may just have been a saving grace for many a family and our sport may have made it to the forefront of many a young person’s mind.

We saw Mums by the lake with laptops, attempting to complete their remote working task, children with borrowed rods and holding maggots for the first time and there was a real buzz around the lakes as kids made their first (and every) catch!

Let’s hope this momentum can be maintained, and who knows we might see the announcement of youth fishing competitions down at our lakes in the not too distant future!

So let’s close the chapter of 2020 and look forward to an increase in our nation's love of fishing!


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