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Beechwood Park Lakes

With 170 pegs over 6 lakes, Beechwood Park offers a truly remarkable fishing experience, whether you’re an experienced angler, a club or match angler, or someone completely new to the sport. 

There is a lake and peg at Beechwood to suit every style of fishing and test the skills at every level of angling.
The lakes have been individually designed with some best suited to out and out pole work, while others require the ability to use a rod and line, whether with a float or a feeder. If large bags of roach and rudd are your desire then a whip will work well, often not needing to fish more than 3 or 4 metres from the bank.

A well-stocked Fishing Tackle shop sits at the head of the Park and caters for most end tackle requirements. Bait is also sold here, including maggots, pellets, sweetcorn and luncheon meat.
For your convenience we also offer an onsite toilet facilities, have disabled access and welcome people of all ages.

Explore our lakes…and enjoy a few tips along the way

Swan 1

lodges 2.jpg

With 14 pegs, Swan 1 is the smallest of 6 lakes at Beechwood Park. It is however well stocked with carp in the 3lb to 6lb range, and holds a huge head of Silver fish. Match weights of Roach and Rudd regularly top 60lb, and 100lb of carp is achievable from anywhere, especially during the summer months. Being an open water lake there are no snags and all methods work well.

Swan 2

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Swan 2 sits alongside its sister lake Swan 1, at the head of the Park and right outside the onsite Tackle Shop. There are two Islands, one of which is home to our pet resident Goose Alice and her partner. There are 24 fishing platforms, and an additional large platform which can used either as a disabled fishing station, or as a family platform suitable for an adult and a couple of youngsters. Fishing a Pole or Waggler to one of the islands can see a reaction from a number of the large resident carp.


lodges 2.jpg

Hidden in a hollow behind Swan 1 nestles the 24 peg ‘Mr Crabtree’ lake known as Warren Lake because of the profusion of rabbits in its surrounding banks. Unique to Beechwood Park, the pegs are on the island in the middle, accessed via a bridge. If you really want to get away from it all and test your skills protected by overhanging trees and in-between beds of lily’s, then try the Warren Lake. Be sure to use strong tackle, and be prepared for a few surprises!

Oak Lake

lodges 2.jpg

The Oak derives its name from a solitary large Oak tree halfway along one of its banks. With 30 pegs, and an island running down the centre, this Lake is best suited to pole worked close to the island. Don’t neglect the inside though, especially if your peg has nearside cover, where roach and rudd can be caught on a whip to the middle. Many 100lb plus match weights have been caught from this lake.


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The largest lake at Beechwood, Kingfisher occupies 40 pegs. Matchmen and pleasure anglers alike rate this as a favourite due to the multitude of fishing options available. With bays to cast a feeder or waggler to, and points to fish a pole against, Kingfisher will test all your skills. Heavily stocked with carp, roach and rudd, this lake has produced many 200lb bags of fish. Carp run to 15lb or so with a large head of 10lb+ fish.


lodges 2.jpg

This lake is currently used as a growing on pond, and provides a regular source of beautiful young carp to ensure that the prolific stocks of healthy fish at Beechwood are maintained.

Fishery Rules & Prices

Normal fishery rules apply summarised as follows:-
Barbless Hooks (Max size 12)
Fish from platforms
Must have Landing Net and Disgorger
Baits allowed: Maggots, Casters, Worms, Bread, Corn and Luncheon Meat. Pellets are allowed – only feed pellets from the tackle shop. Any pellet or paste on the hook.
All litter to be taken home


Day ticket prices

Adult: £6 per rod £4 per rod child con over 65 14 or under

Child: (Aged 14 or under) and concessions: £4 per rod

More Information?

For more information on fishing prices rules & regulations call 01332 751938 or contact us via the button below

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